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Craig Antiques

Craig Antiques

Craig Antiques was established in 2003 when my husband and I opened an antiques shop in Pierceton, Indiana. We had a large and diverse inventory – general line and antique clothing.

Then came the birth of our website. Back in 2005 the website had different categories of antiques, including vintage clothing and another for jewelry. The design was pretty awkward – we didn’t even have a shopping cart! Customers sent an email and called the shop with their credit card information. It didn’t have a good search function and antique hunters had difficulty wading through all the vintage clothing and jewelry to find the antique of their heart’s desire.

Another website – our sister site — was born to solve that problem. It separated the antiques from the clothing and jewelry called Belle à Coeur Treasure Trove.

Time passed … as it does … and after some family health issues, we realized the reality (insanity?) of working at the shop 7 days a week. Plus, we had to close the shop to go on the hunt for inventory. As much as we hated to, when the building our shop was in was sold in October of 2010, we closed our physical location on November 15, 2010. Our larger inventory was sold and we “took our show on the road” and have been selling at shows and here, online, as well as enjoying more time with family and friends and having more time to search for more wonderful inventory for you!

Our inventory leans toward the real antique – 100+ years old. We love old, 19th century country furnishings – furniture and household items. Take a look at our Gallery page to see the kinds of items we have sold in the past.

We also know that some of our customers are into vintage – items 20+ years old. Ahhh … the memories! After recovering from the realization that 20 year old items can be as recent as 1994, we decided that we will concentrate our vintage inventory on being 30 to 100 years old.

Everything in our shop is guaranteed to be authentic, whether antique or vintage. Since some reproduction items can actually be vintage now, if we offer reproduction items – they will be marked CLEARLY as such. We take this seriously because this is our reputation.

So … we hope you will enjoy our new shop and follow us on Twitter!

Welcome to our new and improved website! Items are constantly being added to our shop. Please stop by often! Dismiss