Dunlap’s Sanitary Cream & Egg Whip Beater 1916 Patent Green Handles


This antique egg beater is very unique in design and isn’t commonly found. The crank is marked with Dunlap’s Sanitary Cream & Egg Whip … No Spatter .. No Waste .. Columbia Metal Products Co. Chicago, U.S.A. Sole Mfrs. & Distributors Pat’d Sept 26, 1916, Feb 26, 1907, May 15, 1908.

This great kitchen collectible has a flat, curved metal beater with circular holes. The curve, presumably would be helpful within a bowl. Additionally, this beater originally came with a brown crockery bowl that had an indentation in the center interior bottom that the end of the beater would fit into so that it would be more stable. Unfortunately, the bowl and beater have become separated and we only have the beater at this time.

The egg beater measures just about 11 ¾” long and the beater portion is 4 5/8” long and 2” wide.

In excellent condition, as far as I can tell. THE BOWL IS NOT INCLUDED, so I don’t know how it would work with the bowl in place. The gear mechanism turns smoothly when held in the hand. The green paint on the handles is mostly intact.

Belle à Coeur

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