Irish Bog Oak Snuff Box Muckross Abbey



This is an excellent example of a fine antique round trinket or snuff box, made of turned and carved Irish bog oak. It depicts Muckross Abbey in County Kerry, Ireland.

The cover shows a raised and very deeply carved arch of the abbey at the center of the design which is then encircled by carved leaves and shamrocks. At the bottom of the design centered under the abbey, the word “Muckross” is carved.

Around the outside of the bottom are more primitive looking carvings of the abbey. The most notable one is of a side view of it.

Measures 1 ½” high and 2” in diameter.

As it is turned wood, I believe it would be also considered treen and folk art.

In excellent, clean condition and is a lovely, rich black color (some photos have been lightened to show detail). There is a very slight bit of scuffing to an area on the bottom which looks to be a variance in the natural wood, near where there seems to be a tiny nick on the edge of the side. The “nick” looks like it is also a natural occurrence in the wood since the carved ring is seen within it.

**Muckross Abbey is now located in Killarney National Park in County Kerry, Ireland. It was originally the home of Observatine Franciscan friars. It was founded about 1448 by Daniel McCarthy Mor for the Observatine Franciscans, has been an attraction for tourists for well over a century. This is a Victorian souvenir piece probably brought home by tourist of long ago.

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